K-flip is dedicated to presenting accurate, inclusive, fair, inoffensive and harmless content.  These values are outlined to uphold that mission.


K-flip operates independently of the influence of Kifiya Financial Technology’s core business. Its editorial decisions are solely made based on the aforementioned values of creating and accurate and fair content. 


To maintain its impartiality and provide well articulated content, it abides by the following values

·      k-flip doesn’t discriminate against Kifiya Financial Technology’s direct or indirect competitors

·      It encourages all people to contribute articles regardless their employer as long as content standards are met 

·      All players in the industry will not be discriminated in content production to the best of the knowledge of the editors 


Any information published on k-flip has to be fact checked. Any third-party information has to be attributed.  

All contents except from aggregated content published in the “Feed” section are all original writing of the platform. Contributions also have to be original content created by the contributors. To that end, all content published will be checked for plagiarism.  


Any content we consider discriminatory or disrespectful, or that infringes someone’s privacy will not be published. Content that is defamatory or legally questionable, including copyright infringement or plagiarism is not acceptable. Any content with profanity will not be published 

K-Flip is created to serve as a knowledge hub for players operating in the digital solutions ecosystem. Its content mainly deals with digital platforms that are engaged in the areas of Micro-Credit, Micro-Insurance, Payment systems, Agriculture, Mobility & Logistics, E-commerce, Health, Education

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