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K-flip knowledge hub is powered by Kifiya Financial Technology.

It’s our belief that knowledge accumulated within organizations and individuals should be shared among industry players, all interested and operating in the digital solutions ecosystem in Ethiopia.

Readers will receive an in-depth analysis, aggregated articles from relevant platforms, and expert insights from industry experts.


K-flip’s content mainly focuses on issues pertaining to digital platforms that provide solutions in the areas of Micro-Credit, MicroInsurance, Payment systems, Agriculture, Mobility & Logistics, Ecommerce, Health, Education.


Meet the brains behind K-flip

Hawi Dadhi
A journalist whose interest runs between fintech, finance, technology and macroeconomy.
Yohannes Sahle
Graphics Designer
A highly creative and multi-disciplinary Senior Graphic Designer with ample experience in branding, advertising, digital art, publication and typography

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