Ethiopia Ranked Bottom on The Global Cloud Ecosystem Index of MIT Tech Review Insight

The index is a ranking of 76 countries and territories according to how well technology, regulations, and talent promote the availability of cloud services

The Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022, a ranking done by MIT Technology Review Insight and Infosys Cobalt, has ranked Ethiopia bottom.

The index is a ranking of 76 countries and territories according to how well technology, regulations, and talent promote the availability of cloud services. The report is compiled by analyzing global macroeconomic, labor, trade, and technology data and primary research interviews with global technology developers, analysts, and policymakers.

It also evaluates and compares the regulatory frameworks and digital practices that promote the use of cloud models in the public and private sectors.

Each country is ranked based on four criteria: infrastructure, ecosystem adoption, security & assurance, and talent & humanity affinity.

“While Ethiopia receives recognition for progress on a fairly comprehensive set of digital government initiatives, political turmoil has also resulted in multiple disruptions to social media and internet services—some seven times since 2016.”

Infrastructure: This pillar analyzes how well each country is served by telecommunications networks and computing resources that enable cloud-centric production models. It accounts for 15% of the overall score.

Ethiopia is ranked last on this parameter

Ecosystem adoption: This parameter determines the extent to which each country’s constituents access the outputs of cloud applications and services across public and private sectors. These include measures of digital service adoption, participation in online services in the public sector, the growth in software-as-a-service (SaaS) revenues, innovation, and the price of broadband services relative to GDP. This pillar weighs 35% of the overall score, the highest of all indicators.  

Ethiopia is Ranked 71st.

Security and Assurance: Accounting for a quarter of the index, this pillar, measures the maturity of regulatory environments that promote progressive, cloud-forward data security and sovereignty environments—and that enable trust in digital resources.

Ethiopia is ranked second to last.

Talent and humanity affinity: This indicator examines each country’s human capital assets that can contribute to a cloud-based digital economy. It includes assessments of the country’s human capital productivity, engineering and math skills depth, and overall internet literacy. It makes up 25% of the score.

Ethiopia is ranked bottom and the lowest among the parameters.

“The way consumers and businesses use the cloud today can speed up a country’s digital transformation, powering new applications such as sustainable transportation and AI-enhanced scientific research and development, and helping future-proof skills and jobs in an increasingly automated world.”

Read the full report here

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