The State of Digital Transformation in Ethiopian Agriculture

ATI officials and policymakers are eager to use digital innovation to improve agricultural productivity as the sector’s contribution to the national GDP declines – down to 32% in 2021 from 47% a decade ago.

The administration’s 10-year perspective plan highlights structural challenges inhibiting sectoral growth. These include uncoordinated agricultural land administration, a lack of technology, and low access to finance and investment

What Has the DFS Working Group Been Up to?

Yoseph Kibret, CEO of PSS and Chairman of the DFS working group Ethiopia CEO of PSS and Chairman of the DFS working group Ethiopia

It has been six months since the Digital Financial Services (DFS) Working Group -Ethiopia was convened by the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF). The Group was formed to bring together players in the DFS ecosystem to work towards common goals that will help to scale digital finance in Ethiopia.

Oversight, Licensing Fees – What Do They Mean for Fintechs?

The National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) is readying to impose licensing and oversight fees on fintechs. The fees, which are much higher than the current ones, are said to be implemented to strengthen NBE’s regulatory capabilities. It is widely agreed that by increasing its capacity, the central bank will be better positioned to act as an enabler rather than a gatekeeper.

The fees are expected to be applied to both domestic and foreign fintechs.

Digitization Outside Addis: A Look at Technology and Transformation in Dire Dawa

Digitizing the Ethiopian economy has been a government priority for the last few years and, although gradual, it appears the country is coming to grips with the concept of digitization as a driver of economic development. The “Digital Ethiopia 2025” strategy is the administration’s primary roadmap for digitization. It details the roles regional governments are […]

Cryptography Regulation in Ethiopia: in Light of INSA’s Call for Registration

 By Habtamu Hailemeskel & Hawi Dadhi Habtamu Hailemeskel is a consultant and attorney at law specializing in business and investment laws. He also teaches law. Hawi Dadhi is a business journalist who’s interested in technology, finance and digital technologies. The council of ministers during its fifth regular session held on March 19, 2022 approved a […]

Developments in Ethiopia’s Modern Banking: A Look at the Recent Proliferation

It is clear that the central bank is not too pleased with the number of commercial banks. Its officials hardly ever pass up the chance to encourage or caution banks to consider mergers and grow their capacities.  Their rationale is that banks have to brace themselves for possible competition with foreign banks when the sector eventually opens up. 

The Need to Join Forces in Promoting the DFS Agenda 

So far, the Association of Ethiopian Digital Finance Practitioners has been formally established. The association is formed by alumni of Digital Frontiers Institute which has trained over 500 people in Ethiopia in various disciplines. Another lobby group, the Ethiopian Fintech Association was conceived over two years ago and is expected to undergo formal registration soon. Thus far, it has been running an information sharing platform on Telegram.

Expansion of DFS, why so Sluggish?

In terms of overall economic growth, Ethiopia is going forward. It’s among the top 10 largest African economies, exhibiting consistent annual growth.   A population of 120 million people, it represents a significant opportunity for digital and financial service providers. Yet, the fintech industry in Ethiopia remains nascent. Let’s see some indicators: Financial inclusion Ethiopia […]