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Trends in African Tech Venture Capital Market: A Look Back At 2022

A 2022 report on fundraising for African tech and digital start-ups by Partech illustrates how African tech continues to be one of the fastest-growing venture capital ecosystems in the world.

Smart City Development: Trends and The Future

A smart city is an innovative city that leverages technology and data to enhance public services. This can involve utilizing data analytics, sensor technology, and other advanced technologies to optimize resources, improve efficiency, and reduce waste. Smart cities often apply technology in the areas of transportation, energy, healthcare, ...

Digital Financial Services for a Sustainable Future

The United Nations General Assembly laid out the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as a set of 17 interconnected metrics to "ensure universal peace and prosperity by 2030". However, according to the United Nations Independent Group of Scientists' midterm assessment, the world has not made sufficient progress toward them.

Adoption, Access To Agricultural Financial Services In Rural Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government, for the past decades, has committed at least 10% of the federal budget to the agricultural sector development for the past decade. Although improvements in productivity is observed, there is still a long way to go. One of the reasons for this is the slow adoption of new technology. It is believed slow adoption ...

Overview of Ethiopia’s Remittance Market

Ethiopia’s [formal] remittance inflow was estimated at 2.5 billion dollars by the NBE in 2020 and US$504 million by World Bank’s 2020 in the same year. Despite their discrepancies, both data sources show that the United States and Saudi Arabia are among Ethiopia’s top five send markets.

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