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Plenty of Room to Grow for Booming African Ecommerce

An in-depth report published by Klasha, a Nigerian ecommerce payment facilitator, and Techcable, a prominent media platform, highlights the rapid growth and identifies the potentials, obstacles and possible routes forward for digital trade on the continent.

Where are the Jobs? Exploring the Contrast between Economic Growth and Rising Unemployment

Two decades of consistent economic growth have seen improvements in nearly all aspects of life in Ethiopia. However, the issue of youth unemployment remains a major headache for policymakers. In research published through the African Economic Research Consortium, Alemayehu Geda (Prof.) probes into the possible explanations for this ...

Incentivizing and Nudging Farmers to Spread Information

A paper published in the American Journal of Economics provides insight on the most efficient methods to achieve optimum information dissemination through incentivizing farmers. 

How to Address Data Gaps to Develop Better Livestock Insurance for Smallholder Farmers

Under a livestock microfinance project done in Georgia, data collected to fill the gap in mortality rate data managed to significantly decrease insurance premium prices.

Sub-Saharan Africa Home to Two of Every Three Mobile Money Transactions

An article from the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) “Mobile Money Mysteries” series highlights Sub-Saharan Africa’s dominance in the mobile money market. Since the late 2000s, East Africa’s M-PESA has been the go-to model for mobile money service providers across the globe following its launch in Kenya. There were 35 of ...

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