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How to Address Data Gaps to Develop Better Livestock Insurance for Smallholder Farmers

Under a livestock microfinance project done in Georgia, data collected to fill the gap in mortality rate data managed to significantly decrease insurance premium prices.

Digitization Outside Addis: A Look at Technology and Transformation in Dire Dawa

Digitizing the Ethiopian economy has been a government priority for the last few years and, although gradual, it appears the country is coming to grips with the concept of digitization as a driver of economic development. The “Digital Ethiopia 2025” strategy is ...

Sub-Saharan Africa Home to Two of Every Three Mobile Money Transactions

An article from the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) “Mobile Money Mysteries” series highlights Sub-Saharan Africa’s dominance in the mobile money market. Since the late 2000s, East Africa’s M-PESA has been the go-to model for mobile money service ...

Risk Mitigation Necessary as DFS Consumer Risks Grow 

An analysis conducted by CGAP, a consortium of more than two dozen development organizations, highlights the growing risks posed in digital financial services (DFS) provision as it gains a better foothold in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Cryptography Regulation in Ethiopia: in Light of INSA’s Call for Registration

 By Habtamu Hailemeskel & Hawi Dadhi Habtamu Hailemeskel is a consultant and attorney at law specializing in business and investment laws. He also teaches law. Hawi Dadhi is a business journalist who’s interested in technology, finance and digital ...

Developments in Ethiopia’s Modern Banking: A Look at the Recent Proliferation

It is clear that the central bank is not too pleased with the number of commercial banks. Its officials hardly ever pass up the chance to encourage or caution banks to consider mergers and grow their capacities.  Their rationale is that banks have to brace ...

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