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Financial Services for Climate Resilience

A review done on financial products in sub-Saharan Africa (including Ethiopia), Latin America, and South East Asia discovered a limited amount of climate-responsive financial products available in the regions. As a result, people vulnerable to climate crisis use ...

Insuring the Gig Economy

The gig economy is becoming a significant source of youth employment in developing countries. In Africa, there are an estimated few hundred gig platforms employing millions of youth. With the rise of ride-hailing, food and parcel delivery services in Ethiopia, the ...

Uncollateralized & Digital Credit in Ethiopia: How Far Has it Come and Where is it Heading?

The last few years have witnessed the rise of a seminal phenomenon in the Ethiopian financial sector that goes back more than a century – digital lending. Although digital credit has immense potential in serving the underfinanced Ethiopian population, there is no ...

E-commerce as a Tool for Digital Financial Literacy: Lessons from Bangladesh

A publication by UNCDF explores sustainable avenues for the delivery of digital financial literacy (DFL) to small and micro businesses (SMBs).

The Alarming Leadership Gender Gap in the Ethiopian Banking Sector 

While there are several studies on gender and financial inclusion in Ethiopia, they do not explore the leadership gender gap in the banking industry. This assessment of the gender gap in the Ethiopian banking industry that draws various data from Ethiopian Banks ...

Universal Connectivity: A Dream or an Illusion?

An annual research report by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) measuring digital connectivity around the globe indicates the world is far from achieving universal connectivity.

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