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Leveraging Innovative Tech For Efficient Agent Networks

 A joint brief by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion and the Institute of International Finance remarks technological innovation can be a potential driver for improving the efficiency of agents for customers and themselves. 

Ethiopia’s Digital Finance Revolution: What Went Right in the Past Few Years

Consider how different your digital life was just a few years ago. It has undoubtedly undergone significant changes since then. A couple of years back, using your phone to pay for all your utility bills, including fuel, was not commonplace. People generally had ...

Challenges to Driving Financial Inclusion Through Mobile Money in Ethiopia 

Ethiopia has lower levels of formal financial inclusion than its neighboring East African countries as only 46% of adults have an account at a formal financial institution. 60% of adults use a mobile phone, presenting a significant opportunity to increase ...

Getting Financial Services for Gig Workers Right: Lessons From Practical Implementations

A CGAP report draws lessons from practical implementations that integrated financial services with gig work platforms.

Gaps in Digitalization of Ethiopia’s Logistics Sector

The global logistics sector is at the forefront of embracing innovative technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), logistics information management systems, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, logistics cloud computing, and blockchain. For the ...

Household Risk Management and The Demand for Microinsurance in Ethiopia

A publication by the World Bank reveals that households in Ethiopia struggle to cope with financial shocks, which leaves an unmet need for various insurance services. Insurers are encouraged to find a cost-efficient approach to address the unfulfilled insurable ...

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