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Harnessing Digital Technology to Create “Good Jobs”

Africa's working-age population is projected to triple by 2100, reaching over 2.5 billion. Addressing the need for "sustainable employment" - stable income and growth opportunities without the constant risk of poverty - is crucial. The World Bank's report, ...

Banking on Wheels in Ethiopia: Mobile Branches Parked Awaiting Regulatory Catch-up

Banking on wheels has been developing for decades worldwide, while Ethiopian financial institutions are just coming to terms with the need for it. Yet, the National Bank of Ethiopia says it's not ready to regulate such services.

Trends in African Tech Venture Capital Market: A Look Back At 2022

A 2022 report on fundraising for African tech and digital start-ups by Partech illustrates how African tech continues to be one of the fastest-growing venture capital ecosystems in the world.

Diversification for Sustainable Growth: Why African Startups Should Look Beyond Venture Funding

The global economic downturn is one of the early warning signs that startups should look elsewhere to quench their investment needs. Unfortunately for African businesses, mergers and acquisitions are predicted to be the primary growth strategy for startups ...

Proposed PII Directive Holds Both Promise and Caution for MoMos

The revised directive is a first step toward opening the mobile money sector in Ethiopia to foreign investment. As the revised directive has not yet been tested in practice, it may be necessary to make additional modifications to ensure the success of Mobile money ...

Smart City Development: Trends and The Future

A smart city is an innovative city that leverages technology and data to enhance public services. This can involve utilizing data analytics, sensor technology, and other advanced technologies to optimize resources, improve efficiency, and reduce waste. Smart ...

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