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Financial Sector Liberalization in Ethiopia: How to Cope with the Upcoming Changes?

Ethiopia's government is undergoing the long-awaited liberalization of the country's financial sector. The Ethiopian Economics Association has published a study that investigates the effects of foreign investment on the financial sector, including the preparedness ...

Estimating Informal Remittance Flows

Accurate remittance flow data is important for policymakers and financial product innovators. However, it is difficult to gather due to imprecise accounting and the choice of informal remittance channels by migrants. Informal remittances have varied conceptual ...

Digital Literacy: a Crucial Tool for Building a Functional Digital Economy in Ethiopia

The lack of adequate skills in Ethiopia limits the adoption of digital initiatives in different sectors, preventing communities from accessing financial services and reaping the benefit of other private and government provisions. 

Financing Young Agripreneurs

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has released a report that provides an overview of the current state of agricultural financing for young people in developing and emerging countries. The report highlights trends, challenges, opportunities, innovative ...

Customer Data Handling by MMOs & Their Agents: Lessons from Uganda

Data protection risks have been shown to increase alongside the popularity of online banking and other digital financial services. DFS adoption is hindered by the possibility of risk, according to a study by CGPA that tracked the evolution of consumer risk ...

Maximizing Insurance Service Adoption Through Agent Networks

Agent networks can be a powerful tool for banking services providers, telecom companies, and insurers to distribute their products and services, particularly in underserved areas such as rural communities.

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